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Maintenance Service

say good bye to downtime

Perfect Speed + Up time

Pure SSD Drives

Utilizing Pure SSD, our servers are exceptionally quick over all destinations in our system. SSD is up to 100x quicker than standard hard drives – bringing about significantly speedier general execution. Zoom!

Custom Built Server

We’ve consolidated our insight into facilitating a huge number of WordPress destinations — from little to expansive — to ensure we arrange each site to its ideal state. No compelling reason to peruse gatherings to discover how to settle that recondite Apache mistake. We’re on it.

99.9% uptime

We’re continually shooting for 100% uptime, and we generally go into fight mode when there is the smallest blip of downtime. It’s our duty to hold ourselves to ever-progressively exclusive expectations.

worry free update

Always Update to Date

Theme/Plugin Updates

Never stress over refreshing WordPress core or themes and plugins again, let us handle and examine each of your updates instantly and seamlessly.

Small Customizations

Have something that simply does not go well and you require it settled? Get boundless reinforcement finished at whatever point they are required. Fast response times.

WordPress Updates

Implementing updates to WordPress, plugins and topics guarantees that security issues are immediately fixed.

keep it safe and secure

Security Audit - Backup

Uptime Monitoring

It’s a major issue when your website goes down, so getting an email notification when it goes down allows you to analyze the issue and get back online rapidly.

Offsite Backup

We fulfill daily offsite reinforcements of your database and record framework so you never need to worry about losing your information.

Security Monitoring

Your site is secured by a group of rigorously-trained WordPress specialists accessible all day and all night to guarantee your WordPress experience is astounding. We feel advantaged to be of administration to our clients and we consider that obligation important.


Managed Website Security

Our firewall analyze over 3000 website hacking incidents per day. We use data to teach the firewall and monitor if your site is showing up in hacker communities. Stop brute-force attacks and block malcious traffic.


In-depth Scanning

We perform software vulnerbility scan, defacement monitoring, blacklist monitoring, and will take action whenever there is a portential threats to your website.


Malware Removal

In case your website got inffected with malware, which rarelly happening in our management service, we will perform malware removel service to you at NO additional cost.

We are always here to help

Friendly Support

Professional Help

We take satisfaction and great pride in offering awesome WordPress upkeep and fully hands-on premium support for your site. Let us help you maintain your site and grow your brand.

Free Site Migrations

We aim to strike out a WordPress migration with almost no downtime and super-quick turnaround, guaranteeing the general population that visits your site are not affected

Incident management

Rest confident, in the incident that if your site is hacked or destroyed we will reestablish it from your most recent reinforcement and set up additional security.

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Industry Average CVR
Apparel 4.11%
Auto 5.11%
B2B 10.63%
Beauty 7.10%
Consumer Services 9.96%
Education 13.58%
Employment & Job Training 11.73%
Finance & Insurance 9.09%
Fitness 14.29%
Home Improvement 6.56%
Healthcare 11.00%
Industrial Services 0.71%
Legal 5.60%
Real Estate 10.68%
Retail 3.26%
Technology 2.31%
Travel & Hospitality 2.82%
Industry Average CPC
Apparel $0.45
Auto $2.24
B2B $2.52
Beauty $1.81
Consumer Services $3.08
Education $1.06
Employment & Job Training $2.72
Finance & Insurance $3.77
Fitness $1.90
Home Improvement $2.93
Healthcare $1.32
Industrial Services $2.14
Legal $1.32
Real Estate $1.81
Retail $0.70
Technology $1.27
Travel & Hospitality $0.63