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Facebook AD

There are over 1 billion active users monthly on Facebook, which gave them a stronghold in the marketing industry.

Google Ads

With over 500 million searches online you can advertise your products using the most relevant keywords.

Reputation Management

Take control of how people perceive your business, while having the ability to resolve the bad feedback personally.

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Long Term Strategy


Retargeting users who have taken action on your ad is a strategic filtering option that is worth spending every dollar.

Local SEO Strategy

Ranking with in your locality means you have a higher chances of ranking in other geographic locations.

Email Marketing

Email marketing accross all industries has an average of 25% open rate and conversion at 9.4%.

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Industry Average CVR
Apparel 4.11%
Auto 5.11%
B2B 10.63%
Beauty 7.10%
Consumer Services 9.96%
Education 13.58%
Employment & Job Training 11.73%
Finance & Insurance 9.09%
Fitness 14.29%
Home Improvement 6.56%
Healthcare 11.00%
Industrial Services 0.71%
Legal 5.60%
Real Estate 10.68%
Retail 3.26%
Technology 2.31%
Travel & Hospitality 2.82%
Industry Average CPC
Apparel $0.45
Auto $2.24
B2B $2.52
Beauty $1.81
Consumer Services $3.08
Education $1.06
Employment & Job Training $2.72
Finance & Insurance $3.77
Fitness $1.90
Home Improvement $2.93
Healthcare $1.32
Industrial Services $2.14
Legal $1.32
Real Estate $1.81
Retail $0.70
Technology $1.27
Travel & Hospitality $0.63